Enquiry for FREE SAMPLE

The business of online pharmaceuticals is extremely competitive with slim margins so sending free samples may not be feasible. Still, however, we are out to please customers and win their trust. With this in mind we offer the facility of free samples whether it is an individual buyer or a retailer or a wholesaler. However, certain restrictions may apply according to product type so please obtain our clarification.

For bulk trade and from wholesalers, we shall be more than happy to send free samples for evaluation. Again, this facility may vary according to the product required.

Please note that in all such cases if samples are made available for free then in such cases shipping costs may or may not be included. We use our discretion to waive shipping charges or adjust all such incidental costs on a case to case basis.

Samples so provided for free are purely for evaluation purposes and may not be sold or used in any other way and if at all any such use is made it is entirely at user’s risk.