Where bulk business is involved drop shipping offers cost savings. For the benefit of our valued bulk buyers we offer the facility of drop shipping. Lifeway Healthcare is established since 7 years and it is FDA approved besides holding all the necessary licences. We offer generic products from cGMP certified manufacturers and branded products from globally renowned brands. As the global portal for generic and branded pharmaceutical products serving retailers and wholesalers throughout the world, we offer dropship facility. We have excellent ties with certified and licensed manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in India and elsewhere and offer the best prices for wholesale buyers.

Dropshipping can work in two ways. We can accept orders from any distributor, wholesaler or agent and arrange to dropship goods to the buyer indicated by him or to his address. The second way is that we accept orders from bulk buyers and pass it on to manufacturer who then arranges dropshipping. This saves incidence of taxation, freight and other costs for the benefit of buyer and his customer. It also ensures full compliance with regulations in the country from where drop shipping is managed to the country of destination. The second method is the most preferred by buyers.

In cases of dropshipping our incidental charges are covered by a modest fee that we arrange between ourselves and buyers or with the manufacturer. In the process we negotiate the best price based on quantity and type of medication ordered. Interests of our buyers come first and we get them the full advantage of dropship services. Our product range comprises allopathic, homeopathic medicines, beauty products and surgical equipments.