Life way Health care offers a diversity of health care products in a Allopathic, Beauty, Homeopathic and Surgical products sections. Please read this disclaimer before you proceed with purchases.

Any and all products we offer are based on manufacturer’s claims and recommendations as well as reliance placed on their certifications. We cannot guarantee efficacy or purity of products and formulations of products we offer. However, we make all efforts to buy only from trusted, reliable and suitably certified and licensed manufacturers to ensure products are what they are claimed to be.

Prices are as on date of offer. Should prices be changed by manufacturer and should we not be able to sell from stocks we already have and have to buy from them, then and in that case, prices at the time of supply will be applicable. However, we try to maintain quoted prices for supplies.

Delivery is offered in good faith based on assurance and performance of couriers or postal departments. We are not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for any delays on their part, for loss in transit, damage or any other ground for complaint that should be taken up with them directly. Our responsibility cases on delivery of goods to carrier. However, on our part we offer full support to clients in such cases of delayed delivery or damage in transit.

We assume that individual buyers place orders on the basis of prescription of a doctor. We do not recommend self-medication. The effects of medications may vary from one person to another and on the nature of treatment and on the effects of other drugs. We are not liable for consequences arising out of use of any products supplied by us, whether on prescription or non-prescription. Buyers buy at their risk. If you have doubts then please consult your doctor or seek advice from our experts on drug interactions.