Healthcare is becoming more expensive by the day and the price of medications is rising all the time. Life is certainly not easy for those who need to consume expensive medications on a regular basis. At the same time, neutraceuticals and beauty products too are a part of our everyday life and should be of the highest quality besides being affordable. Lifeway Health Care meets the needs of everyone by offering a wide range of FDA and WHO approved medications, neutraceuticals, health care products, surgical products, allopathic and homeopathic products as well as cosmetic products from the best manufacturers at the most reasonable rates worldwide with expedited delivery options.

Founded and managed by health care professionals with years of industry experience in pharmaceuticals, Lifeway Health Care is a customer-centric India based global online store that stocks and sells prescription, non-prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) products and specialized formulations and products. We sell direct to buyers and we have drop ship capabilities too for bulk resellers anywhere in the world.

With IT powered technologies we have one of the best customer service framework in place. If you buy prescription products there is no need to send your prescription copy unless it has expired the next time you place an order. We track each client and their usage patterns. We keep track of when it is time for a refill and send you a gentle reminder. We engage customers and keep them informed of latest developments of interest to them. When we accept orders we give options on payment modes and delivery that ranges from routine to highly expedited 24/48 hour delivery.

Ethics is foundational to our operations. While we stock and sell branded products from leading manufacturers of India, we also offer a line of cGMP approved generic products with no less efficacy but at far lower prices. As it is, we pass on huge discounts to regular and bulk buyers of branded products. The savings can be further enhanced by opting for equally efficacious generic products. These are all tried and tested. We never sell anything that we would not ourselves use.