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Lifeway Healthcare is a 7 year old well-established global online supplier of pharmaceutical, surgical and medical products. Our reputation is backed by licensing from regulatory authorities as well as FDA approval. Lifeway symbolises authentic and highest quality products at affordable prices backed by total support. Our mission is to support individuals who need medications at reasonable rates, the retail and wholesale pharma sector and generally contribute to wellbeing of people as well as save lives by timely supplies of medications, even rare and difficult to get expensive ones.

Our product range

Lifeway suite of products is quite extended and covers the entire gamut:

  • Allopathic: We offer an extensive range of wellness products, critical care treatment drugs, formulations, syrups, tablets, capsules and injectables for treatment of the entire range of ailments.
  • Homeopathic: We stock and sell a diversity of homeopathic medications sourced only from reputed world class suppliers for consumers in any quantity, from a single bottle to wholesale supplies.
  • Beauty: Our range includes finest beauty care products from trusted and quality manufacturers, both in standard formulations as well as organic and purely herbal formulations.
  • Surgical equipments: From gloves to gowns and needles to scalpels, we stock and supply everything required for surgical processes.


Lifeway Healthcare excels in sourcing only the finest pharmaceutical and medical products from cGMP approved manufacturers. We offer options in generic formulations from known and approved manufacturers. These formulations contain the full dose of authentic drugs and are no less efficacious than the best branded product. The only difference is in cost due to use of plain packaging and no marketing or promotional cost. Generics cost lower but are no less efficacious. On the other hand, some users prefer only branded products. We offer the finest branded products from top manufacturers at the most reasonable rates.


While top quality pharmaceuticals at reasonable prices make up one side of the coin, service to customers in each category makes up the other side. We serve individuals and wholesalers with meticulous care and attention to give them satisfaction at all levels.

  • Individuals needing prescription and non-prescription medications find it easy to buy requirements from us and get expert free guidance in the use of alternatives to reduce medical bills.
  • Retailers benefit by taking advantage of our custom plans and packages that result in reduced prices and competitiveness as well as streamlined flow. Retailers need not maintain a huge inventory-we do so they are able to profit.
  • Wholesalers benefit by lower prices, variety of shipping options and planned purchases.
  • Dropship services are available to suit specific trade modalities and give our customers the best deal at the best rate.

Lifeway is one of the few global online pharmaceutical sources to offer free samples to inspire confidence and trust.

Buy with trust. Buy with confidence. Buy only at Lifeway.